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Post Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) – Part-I

In Database Systems on January 13, 2012 by Muhammad Haadi Tagged: , , , , , , ,

This topic has always been a challenge for me to discuss. It’s not that elaborating the concept among a bunch of students bothers me but the thing is that normally students get confused in the twists and turns this topic has.

However, I am going to keep things simple by using the divide and conquer approach, i-e. I will segregate the two main portions involved in this topic

  • the basics of ERD and
  • the one with relations explained

Therefore, that would make the concepts quite easy to understand and learn.

Note:There are various explanations of these concepts over the internet as some authors keep different concepts isolated to make them more understandable while others try not to indulge a newbie into the details. So, if you feel difficulty anywhere, feel free to ask. Read More »

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